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Uses for the internet

Quote - "The most overlooked advantage of owning a computer is that if they foul up there's no law against whacking them around a bit." Eric Porterfield.

Click on any item of interest to go to a site (or choice of sites). They are not listed in any particular order (I enjoy the chaos).
Make a phone call

Local, National or world weather.

Create your own ringtones

Work from home

Local, National or world news.

Dissect a virtual frog.


know your consumer rights.

play games.


Hire marquee or gazebo

Reduce your Electricity Bill

Hire DVD

earn money.

Order Pizza.

Book a holiday.

Personalised number plates

Get map or route

Find a date


Sculpture of your pet

Download music .

Sports news & results

send someone a virtual kiss
view world web cams.
Homework help
Favourite team news.

read books

Instant message.
Send someone an E-card
Join discussions.
Learn a new skill.
Get a pizza delivered

Tour a Space station.

Trace a mobile

Free Daily numerology Horoscopes

Sports trivia quiz

Aerial photo of your house

Name your own star

Play spot the ball

Compare UK telephone suppliers

Do your tax return

Buy, sell or rent a new home

Send someone flowers

Cheap train tickets

Invitations & announcements

Access Your PC from Anywhere

Free competitions

Singing Birthday E-cards

Win the car of your dreams

Free UK Cinema tickets

Hear a joke
Bet on horses, football etc.
reduce household bills.
text someone.
donate to a charity
Household hints/tips.
Start a stamp collection.
Buy/sell at Auctions
Tour a European football stadium.
Treat someone special.
Hire car/van.
Book train ticket.
get ringtones for your mobile.
Do crossword.
Book a flight.
Compare products/prices.
Enter free lottery.
Watch magic.
Health Diagnosis.
Read local newspaper
Check local cinema listings
Beauty tips

Free Online courses

Digital photo enhancement

Check if you are due a tax refund

Build your own Holiday

Buy a Hammock

See your credit rating

Find your ancestors

Send a telegram, worldwide

Get a loan

Football trivia quiz

Compare Sky, ntl, Telewest, Freeview.

Find a lost Friend/Relative

learn a new language

Virtual tour of human body

Properties to renovate

Book London theatre tickets

Train your dog

Concert tickets

Buy/sell shares
Get recipes
send virtual flowers

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Internet Guides

What is it?

Where did it come from?

How does it work?

What do I need?

How do I use it?




Uses for the net

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