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E2Give is a website that gives a donation to charity each time you shop from one of its 'Partners'. A good idea in principle, except they install a Browser Helper Object to monitor all your internet activities that is difficult to remove. It will also search for and record what software is installed in your PC and personal information from your Hard drive, including your first name, country and post (zip) code. In addition to some information you enter into webpages and forms
If you visit one of their 'supporters' websites, you will receive pop ups (even if you have a 'pop up blocker'). The company behind the scheme, then donate 10% of their commission from their affiliates to a charity of their choosing.

There are two versions of their software, one has been around since 2002, whilst the other is a recent release (April 2006),

The browser plug in can be installed by 'user request' at the E2Give website, or by the free version of spellaroo, an Instant messenger add-on to check spellings. There are also many reports of it being force installed by drive by download. It can also tamper with anti-spyware products installed in the PC.

This is not really the behaviour you would expect from a reputable charitable organisation.

Our free removal tool will detect/ delete the files and registry keys associated with both versions of the E2Give software.
Other Malware may have been installed.

You will need

KillE2G. A small removal tool. Download it to your desktop ready for use.

Ewidow To remove any additional Malware that has installed. A free version and free online scan is available

Ace Utilities, a comprehensive disk and registry cleaner. (Free trial)
Cautionary note : This comprehensive collection of cleaning tools includes Remove Duplicate files, Remove Empty folders and Auto-Start manager. these options should not be attempted unless you are fully able to understand and investigate the output. Acting on a misinterpretation of the results could result in damage to your System.

Removal Procedure.

1) Restart your computer in Safe Mode.

2) Double click on the KillE2G.bat icon on your desktop and allow the tool to run.

3) Open Ewido and run a Full system scan.

4) Restart your computer in 'normally' (not in Safe Mode).

5) Open Ace Utilities and perform the following scans.

Perform the following scans, whilst we are targeting spyware quake, this cleaner will remove many other redundant or obsolete files and registry keys.

Click clean up , select remove Junk Files.
Scan and delete everything found. Close the remove junk files box.

Select Clean system registry.
Click options and select Thorough. Scan and delete everything found. Close the Clean system registry box.

Select Erase History, click the Windows tab and select the following-
Empty the Windows Prefetch Folder.
Delete empty folders on the Windows Temp folder.
Erase Folder streams in the Windows registry.
Clear past icon history of system tray

Click Execute Now

Click the internet Explorer/MSN tab and select the following-
Delete cookies
Delete locked URL cache file.
Clear typed URL's of Address bar
Clear Browser History
Delete Cache (Files in temporary Internet folder)

Click Execute Now.

Your computer should now be free of E2Give.

This information is provided free of charge/subscription/registration and without warranty.
However, if this page has helped resolve your problems without having the expense of taking your PC to a repair shop or the hassle of reformatting, you may like to support our efforts with a small donation towards the maintenance ,further development of this site and the research to create more pages like this for future malware, even £1, $1, €1 can help make sure we are still here should you ever need us again.
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