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Privacy Statement

The Privacy of visitors and subscribers to Internet Inspirations is of up most importance. We want you to make the most of your internet connection within a safe and trusted environment.
We have produced this statement to clarify our commitment to that end.

1) We DO NOT gather, collect or store any information about you, unless required to process orders or maintain subscriptions.

2)We will NEVER  sell, rent, loan, give away or otherwise distribute any information you give us in the course of doing business. Your trust and loyalty is far more important to us than any revenue from selling your details.

3) All third party services/ products/ web sites are governed by their own privacy policies.

4) In order to meet the costs of maintaining and developing this web site, we permit other selected sites/products/services to advertise on here. these companies often use a cookie, which lets them know which advertisement was used to reach their site. Some use a specialist agency to do this for them. These cookies cannot record anything from your computer, they are not spyware. Just take a look at our Internet shopping directory and the companies who use them, they are multi-national household names who would not compromise their good reputation by using any form of spyware. These cookies can easily be removed by cleaning your cookie folder. For more information on cookies, Click here

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