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Opera browser

Opera Software, founded in 1995, released the Opera browser in 1996, is most praised for being a neat and compact piece of software, much smaller, and therefore faster to operate than the more popular Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
It is available for Windows, Mac, OS/2, Linux, BeOS, BeIA, Symbian OS, and QNX operating systems, making it the most compatible of all browsers.

Opera, for a comparatively few but loyal customers has been the 'sliced bread' of the internet world, So why is opera so far behind in the popularity ratings? probably because it was not free, there was a charge for the software, a free version was available, but it displayed advertisements in the browser itself, to remove them you had to purchase a full license.

Opera goes Free
On September 20th 2005, Opera announced they have permanently removed the licence fee and banner ads, you can download the completely free, full featured Opera browser from here

It has features not available in other browsers and does not suffer from vulnerabilities exploited by malware writers, I was going to show you around the browser, but who better to do that than the people who make it. They have produced a series of easy to read tutorials. Opera tutorials

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