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Auctions can be a fun way of using the internet to buy or sell goods, without ever leaving your home. The range of goods available is amazing, and you decide what is is most you are prepared to pay for it.
Click Here to shop at EBay is often described as being the worlds largest market place, with on average 30 million items on sale at any one time. Free to join whether buying or selling, save pounds on new and pre owned goods. Ebay
eBay Charity Auctions Bid for celebrity donated goods. A speciality area of EBay. Ebay Charity auctions
A simple concept, everyone has one bid on luxury items like cars, jewellery and once in a lifetime holidays. Highest bid on closing date wins.Auctionair
Click Here! American Auction site, goods shipped worldwide. Offers brand-name merchandise at big discounts, most auctions start at $1 and come with manufacturer warranties Ubid
Your sold auction goods collected from your door and delivered to your buyer. Parcel2go
Penbid is the largest Internet auction devoted exclusively for Writing Instruments. Penbid is respected within the pen collector community for its wide selection of vintage, antique and limited edition writing instruments, fountain pens, mechanical pencils along with a variety of Dip pens, ink wells, and other related writing instruments. Penbid
Morgan Auctions sells a wide range of overstock, refurbished and second user computer equipment. All goods are sold without reserve – All bids start at £1. Morgans is an online auction platform, which enables individuals and small businesses to buy and sell all types of products and services online in an easy, efficient and safe environment. It is part of QXL Ricardo plc, which has online auction sites in 9 European countries QXL

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