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MSN is a browser made by Microsoft and is packaged with the Windows family of computer operating systems.
An adaptation of the Internet explorer, it offers a wide range of information and entertainment channels as well as access to the world wide web.

The function of the buttons is clear and simple, with no drop down lists to contend with.

MSN have quietly been getting on with building up their own community of users, identified by e mail address as a user name, they can communicate through becoming a member of a group of interest, or by instant messenger. MSN closed all their chat rooms in 2003, amid security scares.

Lets take a quick look around the MSN toolbar.

The top left hand corner will display the title of the page you are viewing. In the top right hand corner is Help and settings, this allows you to personalise the browser, and get any help you need.
This is next to the sign out button which closes the browser, and the minimize, restore and close buttons.

Directly underneath these is the bar, containing forward and back buttons so you can navigate around previously viewed pages.
The Home page is, by default, the MSN page. This can be changed if you wish on the Help and settings page.
E mail, Favourites, Online contacts, people and chat, Money, shopping and Music are on the tool bar.

Under these is the address bar. The box will display the address of the web page you are viewing. You can also type in the address of a site you wish to visit ad click Go. If whatever you type in is not recognised as a web address, you will be directed to the MSN search engine where you will be offered results as if it were a search enquiry.

The Stop button stops the current page loading,
Print opens your printer programme (if installed),
Refresh reloads the current page.
More choices does put out a drop down list, containing-
New window, opens the page being viewed in a new window, this window does not have the 'my stuff' sidebar.
Find on page, opens a box for you to type in specific words, the current page being viewed will then be searched for those words.
Privacy report, allows you to see any cookies that have been blocked, the settings button on the page it opens allows you to set your privacy levels according to your sensitivity, if you do not understand cookies, check them out in our Privacy and security section.
Cut, copy and paste, if you do not understand these, Click here
Help opens up a box where you get all the details of all that MSN has to offer, a tutorial and answers to problems you may be encountering.
Settings opens the same page as the Help and settings button at the top of the page.
About MSN, gives you information relation to the version of the browser you have installed.

The My stuff bar which sits on the left hand side of the screen can hold links to your favourite bits of MSN for easy access. To add/remove things from the list, click on Help & settings and then on personalize my stuff.
You can, if you wish hide this bar as it does use up quite a lot of the screen and cause you to scroll sideways to view all of a page, particularly with a 14" or 15" screen. To do this simply click on the arrowhead just above the search box and click minimize this bar from the menu that appears.

The search box uses the powerful MSN search engine.

MSN's ease of use, its vast information portal, and it's members ability to communicate with each other , make this a favourite of many.

The next button looks at search engines or use the back button to return to the browsers page

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