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Internet shopping

Why not use the internet for shopping? No hustle and bustle, No queues, No fighting for that car parking space and the shops are open 24 hours a day.
Order from the comfort of your home and await delivery of your goods to your door.
Enjoy a wider range of goods and prices than you would find on your high street, even take advantage of products, services and prices from other countries.
So how secure is it really? Despite all the bad publicity, the internet is a secure place to shop, providing you deal with reputable web sites and you use a reasonable amount of common sense.

For your convenience and safety-

All advertisers on this site offer secure payment facilities.

All products/services are from, or available to the U.K.

A currency converter is on the side menu, this is after all a world wide web. It is just as easy to order something from USA for example, as it is the UK.

Find what you are looking for easily and quickly with our directory.

We have both big and small companies to offer you the widest possible range of goods.

Safe payments

Always use a credit card or a reputable online payment company.

Always make sure the order/payment page is SSL. (Secure sockets layer) This will be indicated by a small padlock in the bottom right hand corner of the window. The address will also be shown as beginning with https:// as opposed to http://.

Never give out credit card, or other personal information in a e-mail.

Do regular scans to keep your PC free of spyware, trojans and keyloggers. Our computer Privacy & Security section looks at these threats in detail, and directs you to programmes that will prevent, detect and remove them.

Always save confirmation/receipts which are sent via email

Need a credit card or loan? visit the Personal Finance section.

Paypal are an Online payment facility. Registration is free, and payments are free to make at any of the 42,000 online retailers that accept it.

Use the menu on the right to find reputable on-line retailers, or use the next button to work through them
Internet Shopping


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