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Using the mouse

The mouse, moves a curser (or pointer) on the screen, go on, give it a wiggle.
It has two areas at the front which cause a click when pressed, by clicking the mouse on an instruction or option, you tell your computer what to do.

Hold the mouse in your right hand with your index finger resting over the left click area, and your middle finger resting on the right click. If you are left handed, you can reconfigure the clickable areas, see below.

The left click button, also called a single click, is the mouse's most used feature, some functions may require a double click, two clicks of the left button in quick succession.

The right click button will produce a list of options, called a Context Menu. The contents of the list will vary according to what you clicked and what programmes you have installed,

The wheel in between the buttons will, when turned, scroll the page you are viewing up and down. If you click on the wheel, a small image of a circle will appear, this allows the page to scroll automatically, move the mouse up or down to start the scrolling, the further away you move the curser, the faster the scroll, to finish using this feature, re-click on the mouse wheel.

Mouse Operations

Point, moving the mouse will move a pointer on the screen.
Click, by lightly clicking on one of the clickable areas you are issuing a command or instruction.
Scroll, when a page size exceeds the height of a window, you will need to scroll to view all the contents.
Drag and drop, by holding down the left click areas on a icon, file or Window, you effectively grab it. You can then move the item. Releasing the click button will release the grabbed item. Try it out, grab and drag the text below. (requires JavaScript enabled)

Drag and drop me

Reconfigure the mouse.
You can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and swap the functions of the mouse buttons. This is particularly useful if you are left handed, or the clickable areas are too sensitive for your finger pressure or control.
In Windows, changes are made in the computers control panel.
You will find the control panel by clicking on the start button, and control panel from the menu that appears. (or Start > settings and then control panel depending on which version of windows you have). XP users will need to view Control panel in Classic view

In the control panel, Double click on mouse, a box will pop where you will be able to adjust the following-
Change the button configuration (right hand, left hand.)
Double click speed, If you have difficulty double clicking, it may help if you reduce the speed.
Change the style/colour of your pointer.
Change the speed and visibility of your pointer.
Change the scroll speed.

For Apple Mac users, find the control panel (System preferences on O X operating system), by clicking on the apple and selecting control panel from the list that appears and click on mouse.

These are just a few of the adjustments that can be made to your computer to help anyone with sight, co-ordination, reading or physical disabilities, see our Accessibility section for more information.

Mouse maintenance

Like everything in life, your mouse needs a little bit of your time every now and again to keep it operating smoothly and correctly. Fortunately, maintenance is simple. Turn your mouse upside down, if you can see four little legs wiggling, you have got hold of the wrong mouse, if you can see a part of a ball poking out, were in business, if there is no ball, then it is likely you also have no wire, because it will be cordless.

It it a good idea to have your PC switched off. Place a couple of fingers on the retainer which surrounds the ball, press down and turn anti-clockwise until the retainer can be removed. Turn the mouse right way so the ball drops out.

Inside the mouse, you will see three rollers, If you do not keep these clean, you will eventually be vigorously shaking the mouse from side to side in frustration trying to make your curser move.
The flat edge of the rollers should be smooth and free of grime. Carefully remove any built up debris with a screwdriver, toothpick, or any other implement small enough to do the job.

Some people recommend using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud, but the alcohol can cause the rollers to expand slightly, allowing them to move along the pin holding them in place, and you will need to realign them.
Turn the mouse the right way up, to allow any debris to fall out and reassemble......simple.

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