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Hijack This - automated analysis.

Malware, spyware, trojans, viruses and other parasites are getting increasingly sophisticated. Not only do you have to be on your guard against their varied ways of getting their programmes into your computer, but they can hide deep in your system, disguise themselves as a windows process, change your security software settings to prevent it from updating or running, even add itself to a scanners ignore list.
If your security scanners fails to detect anything and your enjoyment of the internet is being spoiled with persistent advertising pop ups, your home page has been changed, searches are redirected, programmes are being added to your desk top, or strange, unprompted behaviour , all is not lost.

Hijack this is a scanning application originally written by and noe distributed by TrendMicro primarily designed to expose Browser Hijackers, but it can also detect many forms of Spyware, as well as Trojans and viruses.
It creates a  log file of registry items in areas of your registry commonly used by malware, and produces a list of running processes.

The log is then examined for registry entries and files that belong to malicious or dangerous programmes.
Reading and understanding these logs requires time and knowledge, or at least the time to learn. This is not a easy, 'automated' option. Most people post the log file on a forum for advice.

This tool which will automatically analyze your log file, give you information on the registry entries/files and if they offer a threat to you. This you should use as a 'guide' to instigate further checks on any potentially dangerous or unknown process running on your computer.

A word of caution

Whilst using the analyze tool poses no dangers in itself as it only offers an explanation of what the files are and cannot delete or change anything, the hijack this scanner will permanently delete everything you select. Deleting a wrong file could have serious consequences, so please double check any item you are removing.
Saving Hijack this to its own file will allow for back ups to be made of deleted items.

1) Download the latest version of Hijack this into its own file. Help
2) Set windows to Show hidden files and folders
3) Scan with Hijack this, and click Save log.
4) Copy and Paste the log file to the analyze box below.
5) To view the results, a second scroll bar will appear on the right of the grey area below, If you cannot see the second scroll bar just scroll up a bit with the scroll bar on the window.
6) If you want to delete any file, put a tick in the corresponding box for the item in the hijack this scanner, and click Fix

The analysis tool should be used to assist manual interpretation of a Hijack this log file, not replace it.

If you are not sure about anything in the results, Copy and Paste the last part file name and extension into the Process Library search below. e.g. C:Windows\system32\dodgyfile.exe you would use dodgyfile.exe to allow yourself to make an informed judgement on the risks associated with the highlighted file BEFORE fixing.

(The search box uses javascript, your browser will not show this facility if your security settings do not allow javascript)

For information on all the processes running on your computer, use Wintask5. More info  Click here for a FREE trial

You can also upload any suspicious file for analysis Here .

Used properly, with a combination of the Analyzer highlighting potential threats, and user research to manually confirm the threat, it is an accurate, reliable, powerful way of detecting malware.
If it consistently shows malware is getting through your defences, I suggest using the menu on the left for information on increasing the protective measures you take.

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