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Frequently asked questions

If you are having any problems with this site you may find the answer here. If not, please contact us here,

Why are some products or services priced in American dollars?,
There are products and services priced in all kinds of currencies on this site, this is because we aim to give you access to the best value products available, and with modern technology as it is, distance and currency should not be pose any problems.
All products available through this site either originate from, or are available to the U.K, If the site does not offer payments as in Pounds Stirling, just ,make the payment as normal, your bank/credit card company will pay the amount and convert it into Pounds for you.

Why do I see a small white box with a cross in it, instead of graphics?
There could be a number of reasons, the page has not loaded properly, clicking on the refresh button will reload the page and may solve the problem. It could also be that some images and links are written in 'Javascript', If your browser has this feature disabled, you will not see parts that use 'javascript'.
Also some malware can disable, change or remove some links or advertisements.

Why does your IP address finder or browser detector not work?
These features use a language called java script. If your browser does not support this language, or it is disabled they will not function properly. You should update your browser to the latest version or make sure the browser you have is java enabled. To do either of these go to our browser section of the Internet guides and click on the browser you use to ensure you are java enabled or get a free update.

Why do some security products block  some adverts
In order to finance the ongoing operation and maintenance of the site, its future development and the costs of operating our mailing list, we allow adverts for select products and services as well as maintain a wide ranging shopping directory. If an order is placed from a banner on our site, we get a few pence for referring the customer. In order for the process and commission to be completed, the advertisers use a professional tracking company, who use a cookie to make sure any referrals are appropriately credited. It is nothing sinister, we are not spying on you, we do not deal with companies who do.
If the information in our site has been of use to you, or we have helped you find a particular product or service, please allow us have the small commission on any goods you order, or intent to order in the near future. The goods/services will not cost you any more, and it is likely when ever you buy anything, someone, somewhere will  getting a couple of pence commission, we really would appreciate you allowing your security applications to allow the click through, a scan will remove the cookie once you have finished your clicking, this running a web site stuff is expensive, it helps keep access to the advice, help and information FREE. Thank you in anticipation of your generous support.

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