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Privacy and security
Enable or disable Active X controls

There are many computer languages, each offering their own set of rules, commands and limitations. Active X controls allow more than one language to be combined.
This allows programme developers and webmasters far greater capabilities and flexibility which in turn gives you to a higher degree of interactivity and functions.
There are also features however, that leave it open for abuse as it also increases the capabilities of malware writers. The most common form of misuse is to secretly install malicious programmes behind pop ups, called Drive by downloads.

Computers can be set, either manually or by some security software to block Active X controls. Whilst this does stop all but the most advanced Active X malware, it also prevents you from making full advantage of the technology that is available to you.

Windows allows you to control the use of Active X controls according to your needs or sensitivity.

To manually enable or disable Active X

You need to open your Internet properties box. There are various ways of doing this, including via your browser, but as there are many commercial browsers, each with a slightly different way of reaching the box, we shall use Windows to open the box.

Click Start then control panel. ( or Start > Settings > Control panel dependent on which Windows version you have) In the control panel box , double click on Internet Options.

XP users please note, you will need to view your control panel in Classic view. If you are in Category view Click Switch to classic view

On the Internet Properties box, click on the Security tab and click on the Custom level button

This will open the Security settings box.

The easy way is to use the drop down list in the Reset custom settings.
To enable Active X use the Medium or Low setting.
To disable Active X, set to High

To manually adjust individual settings, Scroll and select either enable, prompt or disable for all of the active X options, selecting prompt will cause a pop up window to appear each time an active X component tries to kick in. This will give you the option of allowing or blocking the download.

Below are suggested settings for the security conscious who still want to access Active X for legitimate uses.
Note - Selecting prompt on all of the options may produce an annoying level of requests to allow active X components.

Suggested settings for Active X controls

Automatic prompting for Active X controls - Select enable

Download signed Active X controls - Select enable or prompt.

Download unsigned Active X controls - Select Prompt or disable.

Initialize and script Active X controls not marked as safe - Select prompt or disable.

Run Active X controls and plug-ins - Select Enable or prompt. There is also a setting for Administrator approved which will require approval from an administrator account holder before a download will be permitted.

Script Active X controls marked safe for scripting - Select Enable or Prompt.

Scroll down to nearly the bottom of the list and under scripting

Active scripting - Select Enable or Prompt

Scripting of java applets - select Enable or Prompt

Click OK. will be asked if you want to make the changes, click Yes.

If you are unable to access Active X functions with those settings, it is possible that either a firewall or security software are set to block active X.

For extra peace of mind I recommend Spyware Blaster , a free application that will add another level of security by preventing known malicious Active X components being installed.
After installing, if you are unable to access a particular website that requires Active X, check on the Internet Explorer and restricted sites to see if the site is is being blocked.

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