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Send animated talking messages
CrazyTalk is an innovative and easy-to-use software tool enabling you to send animated animated talking messages from your own photograph or digital image collection.
Just 3 simple steps to make any image talk !
Create a personalized Talking Photo:
Import any digital image, then
apply CrazyTalk's facial
wireframe allowing the image to
animate displaying 20 different
facial expressions and lip synchronization.
Create a personalized voice message: Record your own voice, import a wave file or type a text message. Your Talking Photo will then immediately appear to talk as it's lips are synchronize with the message. Additionally you can apply different facial expressions to single words, sentences or the entire message.


Send your CrazyTalk Message: Your animated talking message can be sent to friends, family or colleagues as a greeting card or as an instant talking message. You can also export in a wide range or useful media formats.

With the Web Edition you can publish to the Internet and export streaming media formats.

  Look who's talking?
Click here to see me talking!Click here to see me talking!Click here to see me talking!
Click here to see me talking!Click here to see me talking!
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