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Copy and Paste tutorial

The copy and Paste procedure is one you should get to grips with, it is a simple way to copy text, it will save it to your clipboard for you to paste onto another document. Useful when surfing, for things like copying a URL (web page address) and pasting it into a search box, it saves you the task of typing it out, some addresses can be particularly long.

1) Highlight the text you want to copy Place your cursor just before the first letter you wish to copy and click on your mouse. Then Click your mouse again but hold down the button, move your mouse to highlight all the required text and release the mouse button. The text you selected for copying will look something like this
2)Copy the text with the text highlighted, right click your mouse and select copy from the drop down list that appears. The text is now on your clipboard.
3) Paste the text Now click your mouse at the place you want the text to appear, right click and select paste from the drop down list that appears.
That's all there is to it, the text will appear.

Tip, if you want to copy a lot of text, or the text is over several lines, simply click your mouse just before the first word you wish to copy, press down and hold the Shift key, (that is the one that turns the letters into capitals), and click the mouse again after the last word to be copied, this will highlight the whole area as selected.


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