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Optimize and Fine Tune Your PC with RegCleaner, Disk Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, Internet Cleaner and more...

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  • Remove Junk files. Safe, fast and easy. It tells you why the file is unnecessary.

  • Registry Cleaner. Frequent installation and uninstallation of applications will leave entries in the Windows Registry, making it grow bigger and slowing down Windows. This is not only the most powerful but also the safest utility to clean Registry - the most important part of Windows.
    Scans and cleans errors in all parts of registry, allows you to undo deletions, Expert and novice modes, shows why each entry is not needed.

  • Registry defragmenter Removing registry items will leave behind empty spaces and fragment programs with multiple entries, this option will defragment your registry in the same way as you defragment your system files making it faster and less prone to errors.

  • Find and remove Duplicate Files. The fastest, most comprehensive programme available to free space wasted by duplicate files , even the contents of the files are checked unlike many other similar tools available, It can find duplicate files spread across different drives and can search using a variety of requirements.

  • Auto-Start Manager. Reduce the computers Start up time. Prevent malicious applications from running behind your back. Maximize your system resources. It also scans database of unneeded applications and lists the spy ware/Trojans in your system.

  • Erase your History . Erase/clear all of the following -
    IE cache, clean history, typed address bar urls of internet explorer, IE forms auto-complete data, cookies, index.dat files which are locked by windows, history of over 100 applications like Media Player, Opera, WinZip, MS Office, AOL, Messengers, Netscape, Kazaa, Morpheus, etc using plug-ins, Outlook deleted emails that never get deleted, encrypted and hidden start menu history, All Recent Document history of Windows from start menu, open/save dialog boxes, disk, Start menu find history, run history, etc, and more (too much to list here)

  • Fix Invalid Shortcuts It scans for errors in the desktop and start menu shortcuts and shortcuts in the drives you select that point to nowhere.

  • Securely Delete Files. Deleting from the Recycle Bin won't actually delete files. They can be recovered easily. Use this tool to shred files so that no one can recover and view them again, even with good recovery tools. This is an important utility if you have sensitive data.

  • Uninstall Manager. Uninstall your applications cleanly and correctly. It can also be used to remove programs with invalid uninstaller info.

  • Find Empty Folders. Speaks for itself.

  • Disk Analysis. Find the disk usage information for each drive. Learn which folders are taking up your space.

  • Scheduled System Maintenance Schedule Ace Utilities to perform cleaning operation(s) at specific intervals with the help of Windows Task Scheduler in the control panel.

  • Wipe Deleted File Data. Remove the contents of files which you have deleted already so that undelete tools cannot recover the data.

  • Maintenance Wizard. With a single click, do critical maintenance works. Perform several cleaning and maintenance operation in one step.

  • Optional Auto Update. Make sure you are always have the latest version.
No other single cleaning/maintenance application can offer all this.

$29.95 (Other currencies available on order page, approx £18.80).

Free 30 day trial available Download

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Roguefix -
Removal tool for Rogue spyware removers & Fake Warnings
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Kill E2Give

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Kill Sdbot-ADD / lockx.exe

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New Winfixer infection displays fake Blackworm warning

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