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Quote - "To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer." Paul Ehrlich.

A great deal of time and effort is, in some quarters, being put into making sure the internet is accessible to everyone, regardless of any ability or disability.
It also appears that anything which may be considered a barrier to someone using the web is being tackled.
Hence this page, from the 'fear of computers', right through to physical disabilities, yep, no one has any excuse for not using the internet.

Computer phobia. Many people are plagued by a self imposed attitude of 'computers are too complicated' or 'I'm not intelligent enough to learn'. This usually leads to an avoidance of computers, even a phobia.
Fear of computers, and Fighting computer fear could be the cyber equivalent of Prozac.

Difficulty reading? Eye sight problems? cannot read small text, colour blindness, partially or totally blind are no longer problems as an increasing number of aids are hitting the market.
Windows XP has a narrator that will read the displayed text, click Start > All programs > Accessories > Accessibility > narrator or use a web page reader to read the pages to you. This is a great add which could be useful to almost anyone. Here is a free one for the Internet Explorer, Click here for download and operating instructions. a great freebie, although the voice is a little 'electronic.
For a more realistic voice, Text aloud reads all text on your screen in a range of natural voices for $29.95 (approx £15.50). It can even record onto MP3 for you to listen to anytime. You can get More info or download a free trial directly from Here

You can also set your browser to display all web pages in a certain text size or colours. You will not see the pages in the way the designer intended, but a least you will be able to read them.
With the Internet Explorer browser, to change the text size, click view on the toolbar across the top of your screen, hold the mouse over Text size and click on your preferred size.
QUICK TIP, to increase the text size of any individual web site whilst viewing it, simply press the Ctrl key on the keyboard while turning the wheel on the mouse.

To set the colour of the text and links, click Tools on the toolbar across the top of your screen and select internet options. from the drop down list.
Near the bottom of the box that appears is where you can set the colours and style of the text, although you must also click on accessibility and check the boxes to ignore the style, size and colour on web pages.

For the Netscape browser, select edit from the menu, and click preferences, you now have various options including text and appearance where you can make the changes.

Apple Mac users should look at the Mac web site where they have a section which explains how to access their many built in features to aid those with any kind of disability. Click here

Cannot use a mouse? All mouse function can be carried out with the keyboard. For more details of shortcut keys, Click here

Cannot use a keyboard? the solution is either -
An onscreen keyboard, that is displayed on your monitor and controlled my the mouse. Windows XP has one built in, click Start > All programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-screen keyboard, or
'voice activation'. Realize Voice is powerful and highly configurable software that gives you total control of your computer using your voice. Click here

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