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Welcome to the Internet Inspiration web site on .
Take a journey of discovery around the wonder of modern technology that is the World Wide Web.

Internet guides.
Internet tutorials aimed at those with no or little experience of the internet, so technical language is avoided. Discover, amongst other things what the internet is, where it came from and how to use it. We also explain browsers and Search engines. More experienced users may find the odd tip or trick they didn't know, or something they over looked in their early learning days.

Privacy and Security
Learn about spyware, viruses, crackers, BHO's, RAT's, cookies and many other threats to your safe, private use of the internet. Everyone who uses the net needs to know this stuff. Protect yourself with knowledge and software to detect and remove them. If you have security software, is it enough? is it doing the job? There are ways of testing it.

Must have software
A selection of useful and essential downloadable software to increase your computers capabilities and your enjoyment of the world wide web.

Internet Shopping
Avoid the queues, traffic, fights for car parking space, hustle and bustle. Shop from the comfort of your home with our directory of reputable on-line retailers. Why restrict yourself to the range of goods on your high street? Shop safely from anywhere in the world, with goods delivered to your door.

Fun and Games
Increase the choice of leisure activities you have available to you.

Despite some massive web sites offering free stuff, very few things in life are genuinely free, these are ! !

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